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Transportation Staff:

R. Davis, Associate Transportation Director

R. Fortner, Mechanic

B. Millsaps, Fueling Specialist

T. Crawford, TIMS

D. Sutton, Cost Clerk


The Swain County School Bus Garage is located @ :

344 U.S. Hwy 19 South in Bryson City.

Phone — 828-488-3687

Fax — 828-488-1059


The Swain County School System has 23 regular school bus routes that average 1651 miles per day and transports roughly 1150 students per day.

The garage staff not only maintains and fuels the 23 school buses but also:

*3 Spare School Buses *8 Activity Buses / 2 Vans *Maintenance Trucks and Trailers and

*3 Autos for Staff Development use.


WHAT IS A SCHOOL BUS DRIVER? A school bus driver is a person who smiles in the morning, smiles in the evening and eats Rolaids in between. A school bus driver has a good understanding of human nature and Mother Nature. A school bus driver has an up-to-date vocabulary. A school bus driver gives reassuring nods to anxious moms standing at the bus stops. A school bus driver gets there when nobody else can, finds houses that don’t exist and children with no names. School bus drivers have eyes in the back of their heads, and hear every word, even in sign language. School bus drivers are immune to noise. A school bus driver’s favorite words (besides “good morning” and “goodnight”) are “sit down”. Sometimes a school bus driver gets tired, but seldom gets mad, and always, most faithfully, gets there. (author unknown)