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Attendance for 9-12

Attendance for Swain County High School

Regular attendance by every student is mandatory. (Public School Laws of North Carolina: G.S. 115-C-378)

1. Attendance Records

The school will keep attendance records for every student. Records of individual class attendance will be kept at the high school level.

2. School-Related Activities

The following school-related activities will NOT be counted as absences from school:

A) field trips sponsored by the school

B) school-initiated and scheduled activities

C) athletic events requiring early dismissal from school

3. Lawful Absences

When an absence occurs due to any of the following circumstances, the absence shall be coded as lawful when:

A) a student has an illness or injury that prevents him/her from being physically able to attend school

B) a student is quarantined by a health officer to isolate him/her from the general population

C) there is a death in the student’s immediate family

D) absence is due to a medical or dental appointment

E) a student is part of a court proceeding or under a subpoena as a witness

F) a student participates in a religious observance in accordance with local board policy and has prior approval of the principal

G) the student is involved in a valid educational opportunity which has prior approval from the principal

4. Make-Up Work for Lawful Absences

Students who have lawful absences will have the opportunity to make-up work assigned within two days of returning to school. It is the student’s responsibility to request make-up assignments at a time convenient to the teacher.

5. Return to School Proceudres

In order to return to class after an absence, students must obtain an “Admit Slip” note from the student reception area before 8:00 am on the day they return to school. This note can be obtained by bringing a note from home with the following information:

A) Student’s Full Name D) Parent Signature

B) Date(s) of Absence E) Parent’s Daytime Phone Number

C) Reason for Absence

The “Admit Slip” must be presented to each teacher during the day in order for the absence to be recorded as excused or unexcused for the class. Fourth period teachers will keep “Admit Slips” on file until the end of the semester.

Students who miss more than six days per semester (excused or unexcused) may be required to make up time and work outside of the regular school day. There are two ways this requirement can be fulfilled:

A) Students may make up time with their individual teachers immediately following the absence in order to complete assignments. Teachers will document this time and count it toward attendance make up.

B) Students may come to an Attendance Make Up Session held on Saturdays throughout the school year. One Saturday session per month will be held from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Students must report at 8:30 am and stay for the number of hours needed.

Students with unlawful absences will receive zeroes for all work missed on the day of the absence; however, they will have the opportunity to receive copies of any work missed if requested within two days of the absence.

6. Excessive Absences

Students who are absent more than six days per semester, whether lawful or unlawful, will not receive credit for the course.

7. Appeals Process

Students who have earned a grade of 70 or above and have missed more than six days per semester have the right to appeal the denial of credit to the administration. A second appeal may be made to the school Attendance Committee.