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Professional Development Plan

Swain County Schools Professional Development Plan 2015-2018

Swain County Schools (SCS) has developed the following Professional Development Plan for educators with the goal of improving student learning and achievement through organizational development and professional learning.

SCS Professional Development Plan addresses three levels of goals and priorities that guide our learning community: 

1. District Strategic Goals

  • Created by the District Strategic Planning Team
  • Three main areas of focus
    1. Relationships
    2. Leadership
    3. Curriculum and Instruction
  • Required PD trainings usually provided in-district (see table on next page)

2. School Level Improvement Goals

  • Developed by School Improvement Team
  • Align with District Strategic Goals
  • Identify other areas of focus specific to the individual school’s needs
  • PD trainings may be offered in-district or through WRESA or other professional organizations

3. Individual Professional Development Goals

  • Developed by Educator in collaboration with school-level administration
  • Align with District Strategic Goals and School Level Improvement Goals
  • Identify other areas of focus specific to the individual educator’s needs
  • PD trainings may be identified from in-district offerings, but more often are individually identified and planned in collaboration with principals, TLC’s, or Directors of Curriculum

4 Pre-requisites for effective professional learning:

  1. Educators’ commitment to all students is the foundation of effective professional learning.
  2. Each educator involved in professional learning comes to the experience ready to learn.
  3. Because there are disparate experience levels and use of practice among educators, professional learning can foster collaborative inquiry and learning that enhances individual and collective performance.
  4. Like all learners, educators learn in different ways and at different rates.

Beliefs regarding high quality professional learning:

  1. Should be timely and relevant to what is happening in the classroom.
  2. Is often accomplished teacher-to-teacher through active participation in effective PLC’s, learning walks, peer observations, and mentorships.
  3. Should be supported over time with coaching, feedback, reflection, and practice.
  4. Should be challenging enough to promote reflection, growth, and creativity