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Students & Afterschool Behavior

Any Swain County Schools (SCS) student is welcome to apply to attend our afterschool program; however, please note that attending AFTERSCHOOL IS A PRIVILEGE and that there are limits to numbers of students that we can accept – due to staff and budget limitations.

In addition to our Handbooks, the following are guidelines regarding behavior that afterschool participants are expected to follow:

Students may not verbally or physically bully, threaten or compromise the health, safety, or learning environments of ANY other students or staff. Students must follow directions of the afterschool staff for the safety and well-being of all attending. Should these basic rules be broken, students will not be allowed to participate in afterschool for a period of time suitable to the offense, and possibly for the remainder of the school year. (Please see individual schools’ afterschool behavior policies for more specifics applicable and appropriate to grade spans.)

Providing after school services is an “extra” that SCS works hard to be able to do, we are not required to provide this service, after school services are not a right (as is regular education provided by compulsory education laws.)

As long as there is space available (as allowed by budget and adult:student ratios,) your student abides by each schools’ discipline/behavior plans (more specifics – besides the general rules above – are adapted and posted for each afterschool,) and exhibits socially accepted behavior in general, we will work to ensure that your child will be provided engaging academic activities, projects, enrichment, tutoring, and other supports to ensure her/his success.

Please contact Regina Ash, 21CCLC Program Director, at rash@swainmail.org or 828-488-3129, if you have questions about behavior policies.