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Parent: Advisory Council & More Volunteer Opportunities

We need parents who are interested in our community. If you are interested in helping out in afterschool (or have time during the school day,) on field trips, if you have a special skill you can share with students or other parents, if you would like to serve on the Afterschool Parent Advisory Council, please sign up.


(The Advisory Council linked above guides more than just our afterschool program: We would love to have input from parents, and advice for improvement on our programs from Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA,) Title I, and other federal programs, to STEM Camp, STEM programming, or any school issues that you feel need to be modified.

If you’re interested in reading the current

Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy and District Parent Involvement Policy

you may click either link above to read, or let us know (Sandra: senglish@swainmail.org or Regina: rash@swainmail.org if you prefer a paper copy of the parent policies, how you would like to receive the copy (mail – we need your mailing address; sent home with your child – please give us your child’s name and school; or we can email a PDF copy.)

These involvement plans are currently being reviewed by our Parent Advisory Council (December, 2018-January 2019) as the foundation for our more friendly Family and Community Engagement policy. We plan to meet in February 2019 to complete.


We also welcome your comments or feedback how we can improve the CONTENT of our Family and Community Engagement Policies. (Just click.)

Your feedback and/or participation is welcome!