Handbooks for Students & Parents

Family and Student Handbook for 21CCLC Afterschool Programs

Afterschool provision by 21st Century Community Learning Centers and Swain County Schools is an opportunity and a privilege offered to our students and families. This program is competitively grant funded currently through our 2019-2020 school year if U.S. Congress continues approving the 21CCLC program.

Swain’s afterschool program is intended to provide academic, social, and emotional learning support, and many enrichment activities.

Please help us to maintain and sustain the program by abiding by this Family and Student Handbook.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Attend afterschool regularly (minimum of 3 days per week for elementary and middle school students,) arrive on time with my assignments, know what I need to study, bring all necessary materials, and be prepared to work
  • Respect myself and the rights of others in after school, on field trips, any after school activities and events, and on the bus
  • Follow my school’s rules and the code of student conduct
  • Do my homework and complete all of my assignments on time.
  • Read every day, and
  • Ask my teacher questions if/when I do not understand
Parents and Students:
We understand that bullying and threats against other students or educators are grounds for student to be uninvited to the afterschool program.
We understand that not attending three days per week (average) is grounds for being uninvited from the afterschool program.
We understand that poor behavior, depending upon severity, that is not corrected when requested MAY be subject to being uninvited to the afterschool program. Continued and repetitious poor behavior WILL be  subject to being uninvited to the afterschool program.

The Leader in Me:

We have high expectations for the behavior of our students. The framework exemplifying our behavior targets is “The 7 Habits for Happy Kids.” We want to reward students for thinking before they act, acting with a positive goal or desired outcome in mind, cooperating with classmates and teachers, and learning to take care of themselves. We are excited about the possibilities this program can help our children realize.

Habit 1: Be Proactive–You’re in charge!

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind–Have a plan!

Habit 3: Put First Things First–Work first, then play!

Habit 4: Think Win Win–Everyone can win!

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood–Listen before you talk!

Habit 6: Synergize–Together is Better!

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw–Balance feels best! Remember to take care of yourself!

The afterschool staff have a collective vision to ensure the safety and well-being for all of our students. Each student is expected to meet the curricular standards while developing good character throughout the year.


Parent & Family Responsibilities:

Make sure my child attends afterschool regularly: At least 3 days per full week of school for elementary and middle school students. Warnings will be issued verbally and in writing, but after any 2 such notifications without extreme changes in attendance, your child will be uninvited to attend afterschool until the following school year. We will not remove a child from afterschool without a great deal of thought and review, and we would be regretful if it should happen that your child; however, if the program isn't attended and used as planned, your child will be unable to take advantage of afterschool services for the remainder of the affected school year. We have only a limited number of slots available, it is wasteful that we pay teachers, arrange buses, supplies and materials in planning for your child if your child doesn't attend. We always have waitlisted students who need and will use the services as they are intended.

Make sure my child reads (per teacher recommendation) every day. My child can read aloud, be read to, or read to her/himself.

Support academic efforts of the school to help my child.

Support the school staff in their efforts to promote appropriate behavior.

Ensure I am on time and where I am supposed to be to retrieve my child by no later than 5:30 on each after school day. If my child rides a bus, I must be on time at the bus stop location (depending on child’s age – applies for ALL elementary aged students.)

  • Please note that bus transportation is a privilege – not a right. For parents of bus riders: I understand that I receive grace for one 5 minutes late pick up, and after that, if late again, it is possible that my child may not ride the afterschool bus for one calendar month. My child may continue riding the bus after that month concludes, but if I am late retrieving my child from bus drop off again, my child may not ride for the remainder of the school year. For very egregious late pick-ups without any indication of change, student will be uninvited to the afterschool program for the remainder of the school year.
  • For parent pick-up: I understand that I may receive one five minute tardy pick-up (5:35 pm) grace, but my child will not be able to attend afterschool for one week if I am late again, unless there is a true emergency. (Please note: the provision that parents could choose to pay the actual cost of an afterschool staff member’s time for a repeated very late pick-up was removed by the US Department of Education and NC Department of Public Instruction effective December 1, 2018. Our only recourse now is days away from afterschool and suspension for remainder of program year if late pick-up continues.)
    • Beyond the one tardy grace period, and dependent upon circumstances for REGULAR attendees, if parent anticipates a need for late pick-up arrangements must be made IN ADVANCE with the district program director or designee. In an emergency situation, parent MUST contact afterschool program directors as early as possible to advise. Regardless, depending upon the situation and previous history, tardiness may result in the child being unable to attend afterschool for the remainder of the affected school year.


Attend parent meetings, after school program sessions offered, parent-teacher conferences, PTO meetings or parent workshops whenever possible in order to help my child learn. Serve on Parent Advisory Council if possible.

Communicate regularly with my child’s afterschool teachers.

Contact afterschool teachers or staff when I am concerned or have a question about my child or the after school program.

Check my child’s bookbag and planner every day for home/school and afterschool communication. Read, sign, and return correspondence as requested. Read and respond to emails (when needed) or listen to after school phone messages as they are delivered.

Volunteer in my child’s afterschool program or class when possible.


Bus riders’ rules: 

All students being transported are under the authority of the bus driver, and must obey his/her requests. The following are rules to ensure the safety of all of our students riding a school bus:

  • Students should face forward with their backs against the seat.
  • Students are in violation of North Carolina state law when they are out of their seat when the bus is in motion.
  • The bus driver is in control of the bus at all times.
  • All school rules apply on the bus—no hoods on the head, no smoking, no dipping or chewing tobacco, and no profanity.
  • Food, drink, tobacco, and alcohol are not permitted on the bus.
  • Students are expected to behave in a manner that will allow the bus driver to operate the school bus safely.


Swain High School Student and Parent Handbook (below) has additional details.

Swain Middle School Student and Parent Handbook has additional information, as well.