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WAIT LIST Applications for Swain After School Programs

Afterschool Waitlist Application.....
22/23 Afterschool Waitlist Application
If you haven't received a response within a week, please contact the afterschool leaders at your child's school and let her/him know that you have added your child's and your name and contact information to the schools' application or waitlists. If there is a grade level opening, you will be contacted.
Please contact Trish Chapman or Maxine Largent at Bright Adventures to check to see if there are any spaces available: 828-488-1494
We are working VERY HARD to try and make sure that ALL families who need afterschool care can have it free of cost. (We have limited resources, so please be patient as we try and serve as many families as possible.) Remember that Swain County Schools NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT, and that support can come in lots of ways: volunteering when you have time, word of mouth about program quality, making sure your student attends at least the minimum number of 3 days per week, or advocating for your tax dollars to support public education programs, and more.

Please be patient with us. We are working to try and serve as many as possible – AND THEN SOME. Thank you!.