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Swain County Schools will operate 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21CCLC) Afterschool and Summer Programs, funded by federal Title IV-b.

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE VOICEMAIL MESSAGES changing parent pick up or bus information for your child on these extensions. Our folks may not get the messages in time - they all do other jobs such as teaching, meetings, professional development, etc. during the day. 

Program and School Contacts




Elementary Afterschool Program Leaders:

Grades K-5



East Elementary School Phone: 828-488-0939

After School Program Assistant: Faye Moon

Email: fmoon@swainmail.org

or phone: 828-488-0939 ext 5438

or Michelle Collins, 488-0939



West Elementary School Phone: 828-488-2119

After School Program Assistant: Elaine Woodard

Email: ewoodard@swainmail.org

or phone: 828-488-2119 ext 5526


Lisa Sutton, Dean of Students and Afterschool Teacher (both East & West)

Email: lwsutton@swainmail.org or 828-488-2119 ext 5525




Elementary Schools Teacher Leaders:


Sandra English

Email: senglish@swainmail.org or phone 828-488-3129 ext 5140


Renee Peoples

Email: rpeoples@swainmail.org or phone 828-488-2119 ext 5528




Swain Middle School Phone: 828-488-3480


Kathy Cook, Afterschool Program Leader/Assistant

Email: kbcook@swainmail.org

or phone: 828-488-3480 ext 5323


Deanna Booth, Teacher Leader

Email: dbooth@swainmail.org

or phone: 828-488-3480


Heather Herron

Email: hherron@swainmail.org

or phone: 828-488-3480



for ALL 21CCLC schools


Sandra English

Email: senglish@swainmail.org or phone 828-488-3129 ext 5140



Kimberly Donaldson, Program Assistant

Email: kdonaldson@swainmail.org or phone 828-488-3129 ext 5143




Regina Gilchrist Ash is Program Director for Swain County Schools 21CCLC Programs.

Email: rash@swainmail.org

Office Phone: 828-488-3129 x 5144