Social Media Post - Update

On Sunday afternoon, January 8, Swain County Schools was notified of a social media post threatening the safety of students on the middle school campus. The administration and local law enforcement quickly responded to the threat. Law enforcement officers from Cherokee and Swain County quickly investigated and began to locate the origin of the threat.

Based on information received from law enforcement officials, Swain County Schools has taken appropriate action to protect all students and staff in our schools. Swain County Schools considers every threat to be serious and has taken appropriate disciplinary action to protect all students. The school system is concerned for the welfare of every student and will not comment as to the extent of any disciplinary action.

Swain County Schools will operate on a regular schedule on Monday, January 9. The Swain County Sherriff Department is collaborating with the school system to provide additional security while this concern is addressed. Thank you to all in the community that shared the social media threat with school officials. This allowed the action of the school system and law enforcement to be quick and effective.