Swain County Surplus Property Alarka Watershed - July 16

The Swain County School System has declared surplus land formerly known as the Alarka School Watershed (Parcel 667101376328). The land is located between Alarka Road and Pigeon Gap Dr. at Latitude 35.364, Longitude -83.451.

In an as is condition the offer to purchase amount is $55,711.55 by Anne Sontheimer. The Swain County Board of Education purposes to accept the offer pursuant to NCGS 160a-269.  The current closing date for bids is July 26, 2021. This website will be updated with new upset bids as they are presented.

Within 10 days of publishing or by 11:00 am July 26, 2021, any person may raise the bid by not less than 10% of the first $1,000.00 and 5% of the remainder. Any raised bid as set herein shall require the bidder to deposit with the Superintendent a 5% deposit of the raised amount.  The Swain County Board of Education may at any time reject any and all offers.