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Head Lice Letter Fall 2018

TO:   Parents/Guardians of Swain County Schools’ student

FROM:  Mark Sale, Superintendent

RE: Active Head Lice

Swain County Schools need your help. Your son/daughter was found to have active head lice.  This is not a disease, nor does it mean your son/daughter is dirty. To prevent further spread, Swain County Schools will adhere to the following procedure:

  1. The student’s parent/guardian will be contacted and the student will go home as soon   as possible.
  2. In order for the student to return to school, the parent/guardian must bring the student to school where a school employee will check again for head lice.  If there are no active head lice the student will be admitted to school. If lice are found, the student will be sent back home.

Please note that the student will receive only one (1) excused absence to help with this situation.  Any absences after that will be unexcused.  You may consult your primary care provider or your school’s school nurse if needed.   Head lice information is attached.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Lice Lessons / Head Lice 101


Concussions/Head Injuries/Awareness

Healthy Active Children

NC State Board of Education policy regarding physical education/ activity in the public schools



Medical Health Care Plans

Allergy Action Plan addresses the needs of students with severe or potentially life-threatening allergies in the school setting.  Please use this form to address all severe allergies including food, insects, etc.  If your child has a food allergy, please also see the “Dietary Requests” section below.
Asthma Action Plan addresses the needs of students with asthma who require the use of inhalers and/or nebulizer treatments during the school day.
Diabetes Care Plan addresses the needs of students with diabetes who require insulin and/or care at school.     Diabetes Care Tasks at School:  What key personnel need to know by ADA
“Other” Emergency Health Care Plans may be created and individualized to address the health care concerns of your child.  Please contact your school nurse to discuss any health care needs.
Seizure Care Plan addresses the needs of students with a history of seizures.

**Medical Health Care plans that include a medication for treatment and/or emergency use will also require a Medication Administration Authorization Form for each medication listed. 


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