Hall of Fame Member List

Members of Swain County Athletic Hall of Fame

LastPatron/Athlete/CoachYear InductedYear Graduated
Angel, BillyAthlete20091952
Arkansas, JohnAthlete20031952
Ayers, GaryPatron2005
Bacon, Dr HaroldPatron2011
Bennett, Dr KellyPatron2008
Breedlove (Lowman),
Brintnall, JohnAthlete20041962
Brintnall, Jr, PhilAthlete/Coach20021959
Brintnall, Sr, PhilPatron2002
Brown, GeneAthlete/Coach20031951
Brown, RobbieAthlete20171989
Claxton, SteveAthlete/Patron20171974
Conley, BrettAthlete20101977
Cook, StevenAthlete20132000
Corbin, Dr JackieAthlete20021959
Crawley, CaylaAthlete20172009
Davis (Smiley), SarahAthlete20142007
Deitz, BoyceCoach/AD2002
Deitz, RockyAthlete20121996
Hall, DavidAthlete20161957
Hyde, William Athlete20051957
Hyatt, MackAthlete20021951
Jones, AlfredAthlete20041964
Jones, NorrisCoach/AD2003
Lambert, VanessaAthlete20102001
Lawson, PetePatron2016
Marr, BobAthlete/Coach20131965
Marr, JeffAthlete20151992
Mattox, Dr JohnPatron2014
McCracken, SandraAthlete20121961
McGaha, DonniePatron2012
Mitchell, Johnny BuckAthlete20071986
Mitchell, Dr WilliamPatron2010
Painter, HanleyAthlete/Coach/AD20021940s
Parker, ShelbyAthlete20172011
Pattillo, BobPatron2009
Perkins, ErikAthlete20052000
Plemmons, DougAthlete/Coach20061977
Reid, BobAthlete/Coach20071956
Rentz, BarneyPatron2013
Robinson, DelmarPatron2004
Rochester, DennyAthlete20031979
Shuler, BenjiAthlete20111993
Shuler, DannyAthlete20041992
Shuler, HeathAthlete20021992
Smiley, MitchellAthlete20081980
Sneed, JimPatron2015
Sossamon (Woffindin), Ann MarieAthlete20041963
Stephenson, CharlesAthlete20061982
Taylor, GregAthlete20061988
Tisdale, CharlesAthlete20021936
Thomas, BobPatron2006
Treadway Whitmire, ChelseaAthlete20162011
Trehern, TommyAthlete20031993
Tubby, LefusAthlete20161980
Waters, OsCoach2011
White, CodyAthlete20172005
White, RobertAthlete/Administrator20021957
White, RodCoach2015
Wike Shields, AnnaAthlete20021980
Wright Jr, CarrollAthlete/Coach/AD20021955
Wright Sr, CarrollPatron2003




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